Dhaka, March 18, 2023

Care Nutrition, a leading nutrition company in Bangladesh, has announced equity grants to senior management in recognition of their hard work and dedication to the company. 

The move is part of Care Nutrition’s ongoing efforts to build a strong and committed team that is invested in the company’s success and to provide senior management with a stake in the company’s future growth and success. 

“We feel very lucky to have a group of senior managers who think and act like owners of the business,” said Eddie Bearnot, CEO of Care Nutrition. “We are excited for them to become shareholders and benefit directly from the success of the company.” 

“We are proud to have a talented and dedicated senior management team, and we want to ensure that they are rewarded for their hard work and that their interests are aligned with those of the company. This is just the beginning of our efforts to build a strong and motivated team that will take Care Nutrition to new heights.” said the CFO, Mr. Tanveer Ali.

The employee equity program is expected to boost employee morale and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation at Care Nutrition. The company is committed to investing in its employees and providing them with opportunities for growth and development.

About Care Nutrition:

Care Nutrition is the leading nutrition company in Bangladesh.  They offer a range of innovative snacks that every child will love, every parent can trust, and every family can afford.  Made with the local ingredients families know and love, and fortified with the vitamins and minerals that a healthy body needs, Care Nutrition products are world-class quality, convenient and delicious.

Found in the shops, stalls, and markets that families visit every day, Care Nutrition is committed to supporting the well-being of communities across Bangladesh, helping a new generation grow up healthy, happy, and ready to build a future worthy of their promise.


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