Nutri Plus is more than just a nutrition brand. It promises a healthier, happier future for the children of Bangladesh. Our mission is quite simple yet profound – to provide universally accessible, nutritious, and delightful fortified treats that every child will love. We’re thrilled to announce that our range of products is now conveniently available at some of the most popular superstores & E-commerce sites across Bangladesh.


Where to Find Nutri+ Products:


1. Shwapno:

As one of the leading superstores in Bangladesh, Shwapno is a household name and is synonymous with quality and convenience. We’re proud to partner with them, bringing Nutri+ products closer to you. Whether you’re shopping for your weekly groceries or looking for a nutritious snack for your child, look for our range in the health and nutrition aisle.


2. Meena Bazar:

Meena Bazar is known for its commitment to providing quality products, and we’re excited to be a part of their offerings. Our Nutri+ products are now available at all Meena Bazar outlets, making it easier for health-conscious parents to make informed choices for their children’s nutrition.


3. Amana Big Bazar:

At Amana Big Bazar, shopping is always a memorable experience. Along with its wide range of products, you can now find Nutri+’s nutritious treats. Ideal for busy parents who want to ensure their kids are snacking healthy, even on the go.


4. Agora:

Agora has been a pioneer in the retail industry in Bangladesh, and we’re honored to have our products line in their shelves. Agora’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction resonates with our values at Nutri+, making this partnership a perfect fit.


5. Chaldal:

For those who prefer shopping online, Chaldal is your go-to. Chaldal is known for its efficient delivery and wide assortment of products. Chaldal now includes Nutri+ treats in its inventory, bringing nutritious snacking right at your doorstep.


6. Arogga:

Arogga is quickly becoming a preferred online destination for health and wellness products. We’re excited to collaborate with them, making Nutri+ products easily accessible for the digital-savvy parents of Bangladesh.


7. Panda Mart:

Pandamart is known for its quick delivery and diverse range of products. We’re glad to announce that Nutri+ products are now part of their offering, ensuring you can get your hands on nutritious snacks for your kids in no time.


8. Rokomari:

Not just books, but now Rokomari offers Nutri+ products too! Dive into the world of healthy eating for your children while you explore books and more at Rokomari.


9. Khulsi Mart:

Khulsi Mart has also joined hands with us to offer our range of nutritious products. Catering to a broad audience, Khulsi Mart ensures that Nutri+ is a household name in health and nutrition in Chattogram.


10. Pick & Pay

Pick & Pay, known for its convenience and diverse product selection, is another fantastic destination for Nutri+ products. We are proud to partner with them, ensuring that our nutritious treats are available for many families.


11. Sikder Organic Market:

Sikder Organic Market, where the focus is on healthy and organic products, and Nutri+ is a natural fit. Our nutritious snacks, aligning with the market’s commitment to health, are available for conscientious parents who prioritize organic and wholesome options for their children.

12. K.B. Super Shop:

K.B. Super Shop is now a proud stockist of Nutri+ products. This shop is known for its wide range and convenient locations, making it an ideal spot for picking up our health-focused treats for families.

13. Genius Shopping Center:

Genius Shopping Center, a popular retail destination, has joined hands with Nutri+ to bring our range of nutritious snacks closer to you. Find our products nestled among other quality items, ensuring your shopping experience is both convenient and health-oriented.

14. Sonali Bazar:

Sonali Bazar, with its wide array of products, now includes Nutri+ in its offering. This makes it easier for families to access nutritious snacks for their children, fostering healthier eating habits.


15. Big Bazar:

Big Bazar, known for its extensive variety and value-for-money products, is another key retail partner. Here, Nutri+ products are readily available, ensuring that every shopping trip can contribute to the health and well-being of your children.

16. Eastern Bazar Ltd.:

Eastern Bazar Limited, a name synonymous with quality and variety, is now one of the proud retailers of Nutri+ products. Their commitment to providing customers with a wide range of high-quality products aligns perfectly with our mission to offer nutritious and tasty treats to children. When shopping at Eastern Bazar Limited, parents can easily find Nutri+ products.


The availability of Nutri+ products in these leading stores is a testament to our commitment to making nutritious eating a joyous and accessible experience for children across Bangladesh. With a focus on delivering essential nutrients in delightful forms, Nutri+ is excited to be a part of your family’s journey towards a healthier, happier future. Shop at these stores today and take a step towards nurturing a promising new generation with Nutri+.


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