US-Based Nutrition Company in Bangladesh: Nutri+ Nourishing Lives

At Nutri+, we take pride in being your trusted US-based

nutrition company, committed to making a positive impact in Bangladesh. Our

specialized range of nutritious fortified treats are crafted to delight every

child, earn every parent’s trust, and fit within every family’s budget. Beyond

product creation, we are dedicated to supporting families nationwide, nurturing

a healthier, happier generation poised to fulfill their promises for a brighter


Mission: Help a new generation grow healthy & happy

At the core of Nutri+ lies a mission to ensure universal

access to nutritious and delightful fortified treats for every child in

Bangladesh. Our diverse product range aims to positively impact the

lives of children and families across the country, fostering a healthy, joyous,

and promising new generation.

Quality Craftsmanship for Superior Nutritional Value

Our dedicated team at Nutri+ tirelessly upholds the highest

standards of quality and safety in our products. Collaborating with nutrition

experts, we craft recipes delivering essential nutrients and catering to the

unique tastes and preferences of children. Each treat, meticulously crafted

with premium ingredients, ensures a superior blend of taste and nutritional


Transcending Nutrition: A Catalyst for Change

Nutri+ is more than a nutrition brand; it’s a catalyst for positive change. We strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families across Bangladesh. Our fortified treats serve not only to nourish young bodies but also to fuel dreams, ambitions, and limitless potential. Together, let’s build a future deserving of every child’s promise – one where they grow up healthy, happy, and prepared to conquer the world.

Holistic Well-being: Investing in a Healthier Tomorrow

Our vision extends beyond offering affordable treats. We believe in empowering parents and caregivers to provide proper nourishment. Recognizing the profound impact of nutrition on a child’s well-being, we ensure access to nutritious food, contributing to a healthier society overall.

Brighter Tomorrow Through Proper Nutrition

Nourishing children today contributes to a brighter tomorrow

for everyone. The right nutrients enable children to grow physically, mentally,

and emotionally, forming the foundation for optimal growth and development. By

prioritizing the well-being of the next generation, we lay the groundwork for a

healthier and happier society.

Collective Strive for a Promising Future

Together, let’s strive towards building a future that truly honors every child’s promise. A future where each one grows up healthy, happy, and prepared to conquer the world. Nutri+ stands as a beacon of hope and possibility, committed to transforming lives through proper nutrition.

Our Vision:

To create innovative, nutritious, and delicious products that every child can enjoy, every parent can trust, and every family can afford.

Our Mission:

To support families across Bangladesh and help a new generation grow healthy, happy, and ready to build a  future worthy of their promise.

Our Goal:

To manufacture and distribute safe, healthy, delicious and fortified food.