Startup Bangladesh invests 5 crore in Care Nutrition

Dhaka, Bangladesh – Startup Bangladesh Limited has announced an investment in Care Nutrition Limited, a leading nutrition company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The investment will support Care Nutrition’s growth and expansion, as well as its efforts to improve the health and well-being of people in Bangladesh through better nutrition.
“We are excited about this investment in Care Nutrition, which is a leader in the field of nutrition in Bangladesh,” said Sami Ahmed, CEO of Startup Bangladesh Limited. “We believe that investing in companies like Care Nutrition is essential for promoting innovation and supporting the growth of the private sector in Bangladesh.”
Care Nutrition is focused on providing high-quality nutritional products to people in Bangladesh. The company has developed a range of products, including fortified drink powders, chocolates, nutritional supplements, and bread spreads that are designed to provide essential nutrients to people of all ages.  Their brands include Nutri+, Ener-G, Juicee+, Tiffin+, Nucella+, and Hashi Khushi.  In addition to their own brands, they also develop and supply commercial products to leading FMCG companies, including SMC, Olympic, Grameen Danone, and Dan Foods, as well as products for research and humanitarian purposes to the World Food Programme, UNICEF, the National Nutrition Service, icddr,b, and other organizations.
“We are thrilled to have the support of Startup Bangladesh Limited as we continue to grow and expand our business,” said Eddie Bearnot, Managing Director of Care Nutrition. “This investment will enable us to reach even more people in Bangladesh with our high-quality nutritional products, and we are excited to work with Startup Bangladesh Limited to achieve our shared goals of a smart and healthy Bangladesh.”
The investment from Startup Bangladesh Limited will support Care Nutrition’s efforts to expand its production capacity, increase its distribution network, and develop new products that address the specific nutritional needs of people in Bangladesh.
“We are committed to supporting the growth of innovative companies like Care Nutrition, which are working to address the critical challenges facing Bangladesh,” said Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak MP, Honorable State Minister, ICT Division. “We believe that this investment will have a significant impact on the health and well-being of people in Bangladesh, and we are excited to see the positive results that will come from it.”
The investment from Startup Bangladesh Limited is part of the government’s broader efforts to support the growth of the private sector and promote innovation in Bangladesh. By investing in companies like Care Nutrition, the government is helping to create new opportunities for entrepreneurs and supporting the development of a more robust and diversified economy.

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