Aiming to meet the nutritional needs of children, Care Nutrition Ltd.’s Nutri Plus brand has launched a product named “Tiffin Plus” in the market which will help in fulfilling the nutritional needs of children. Tiffin Plus is a delicious snack that kids will love and mothers can confidently hand it over to their children as it contains 15 percent of children’s daily nutritional requirements per packet.

At Tapout Fitness and Babuland, Care Nutrition officials introduced three products under the Nutri Plus brand- Tiffin+ Fortified Orange Chocolate, Tiffin+ Fortified Malai Chocolate, and Tiffin+ Fortified Chocolate among the children. An agreement has been signed between Care Nutrition and Babuland to mark the launch of the new product, whereby the first 5,000 customers will get a free Babuland entry coupon worth Tk 400 with each product.

Mr. Monowarul Islam, the deputy director of the organization, said that as the first nutrition organization in Bangladesh, this organization, a subsidiary of US-based Frontier Nutrition, is emphasizing the production of healthy food products with 6 to 23 micronutrients to meet the nutritional needs of all people. He expressed hope that this new product will be appreciated by all and will be widely promoted as a nutrition product.

Md. Mofazzal Hossain, the head of the sales department of the company, said that Care Nutrition Ltd. is preparing food free of adulteration to ensure the nutritional needs of everyone. He expressed hope that Nutri Plus brand products will play an important role in meeting daily nutritional needs. HR Manager Wahida Akhtar, Strategy Manager Tanveer Haq and other officials of the head office and factory were also present at the event.


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